Bilderberg: What is it & what does it mean to us?

11 11 2010

Recently between work & play I have been researching the bilderburg society.  I have noticed that this does actually exist & is becoming very scary to think about.  If you dont know what Im talking about I could be here for days trying to explain it.  So to make it easier here’s what you need to do.  Watch your TV tomorrow Friday nov.11/2010, turn to tru tv & watch “Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory: Police State”.  Things have been brought to light that werent meant to be brought to light, fema concentration camps, modern day de-population genocide & martial law are all very important & are all about to reign total unholy rule upon all of us as a whole int he entire world.  Also research Georgia Guidestones-this is where the number of 500 million comes from in concern to our population.  At this current time we are populated at 6.7 million & this number is on the rise daily, but the bilderberg group has plans to decrease 90% of the worlds population, that right 90%!!!  It will start with the government pushing vaccines (ex. H1N1 flu shots), then if enough people dont take them on their own it will become mandatory for all of us especially in the US, if we as people refuse martial law will become a playing factor in the next steps.  I could go on forever, but I as an individual can do nothing about what is going on, I can only make others aware & hope that you will research on your own.  Below I have copy & pasted several links, please do follow these links, do wrote things down & you will see that its not a conspiracy its actuality.

Also research Alex Jones & read some articles & watch some videos.  Have an open mind & realize this isn’t fake this is the real deal & it’s happening now!!


Mixed Martial Arts Academy : Fight

15 07 2009

  Today I had the privilege to enter a whole new realm in Greenwood, SC.  It is called the Mixed Martial arts Academy : Fight.  The set up is a boxer, karate, in-experienced or experienced fighters dream.  The facility is owned and operated by Anthony Collins, Anthony who not too long ago was serving our country across seas saw an opportunity to make a dream come true so he grabbed his friend Travis Wilson from Charleston & they both helped their dream unfold.

  Once Anthony came back to the US he came back to his recruitment office which he spend most of his young life.  His head told him that the recruitment building was up for sale, so Anthony bought it and says it truly is his dream & he feels it was meant to be.  Here is a small video which I took on my cell phone when I visited their facilities.

I had the chance to enjoy their sport from my point of view & they were even willing to do a few moves for me while I was there.  here is a small clip of some action on the mat.



In case your wondering how you can get involved with this sport, here are the prices and what the classes contain.

COURSES                                                                                     PRICE

Youth Judo/ Grappling Ages 5-12                                     -$5 First Class (One time only)

-Adult judo/ Jiu Jitsu                                                                -$10 mat Fee (No one on one training) two hour limit

-Boxing/Muay Thai kickboxing                                             -$20 two hours of personal training or any class.

-Physical Fitness/Weight Loss                                               -$95 Monthly membership includes classes, personal training & unlimited equipment use

-kallibur Combat MMA Training

Contact Anthony or Travis at 864-337-2442 or mail interest to 448 Calhoun Avenue greenwood, SC 29646

Final Thought Slideshow

14 07 2009

Edited Vs. Non Edited Pictures

14 07 2009

Edited Vs. Non-Edited

There are 9 photos posted here, all taken by myself on different occasions.  Can you find the edited one’s, notice some of the changes are very small, for the one’s you think are edited try to figure out what you think was edited on the photo.  Thanks Eddie!

What does our mind make us see?

14 07 2009

A few of my personal favorites!

4 07 2009

Does the camera make the photo?

29 06 2009

Lately I have wondered to myself does the camera make the photo?  Or is it simply the “eye” of the person taking the photo?  What effect visually does a photo take on individual’s and their perceptions of what they see?  Can anyone pick up an expensive camera & take a good photo?  Or must you possess some sort of undefined “talent”?  Every day I will add a new photo to the gallery & I would like to know how you would break down each photo.  What category would you place it in & what type of camera do you think took the photo?  I will update daily so stay tuned!